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Is An ASC Or Other Outpatient Center Right For You?

Freedom. Time. Money. 


At its heart, that’s what forming and owning your own surgery center or other outpatient facility is all about.


A perfect storm of financial considerations, governmental regulations, and technology, is resulting in an increasingly dire future for hospitals and a sunny future for ASC's and other independent facilities.


From a cost, patient convenience, patient satisfaction, and outcome perspective, any case that can be performed outside of a hospital will be performed outside of a hospital.


Governmental regulation, from the renewed push in connection with price transparency and the whittling down of the inflated payments to hospital outpatient departments, will create additional patient and payor demand for ambulatory surgery centers.


The question then is, is ASC or other facility ownership right for you? 


It is for many physicians, whether for their practice alone or in concert with colleagues. However, the answer isn't "yes" for everyone.


The process starts with an initial analysis of both financial and, depending on locale, regulatory issues.


If it is right, facility ownership brings significant freedom in scheduling and in relief from the bureaucracy of hospitals. It returns time to physicians and medical groups. And, it legally and ethically puts money in your pocket.


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