January 31st - Anesthesia Company Model Arrangement Fuels $1.718 Million Dollar FCA Settlement by a Surgeon and a Separate Guilty Plea By Another Doctor Defendant
February 28th - Hospitals Beg To Be Aligned By Physicians . . . And One Settles Whistleblower Allegations That It Paid To Become Aligned
March 31st - The Double Edge Sword of Governemnt Interference
April 30th - Preparing for a Medical Practice Sale or Simply Preparing: Why You Must Start Now and What You Must Start Doing
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August 31st - Hospital Sues Medical Group. Medical Group Returns The Favor. Both Likely Lose.
September 30th - Deteriorated Insulation From the Hassles of Running a Medical Practice
October 31st - Why Sutter Health's Settlement Of Antitrust Case Sends Signals Concerning Anti-Kickback Compliance
November 30th - Why Sutter Health's Settlement of Antitrust Case Sends Signals Concerning Anti-Kickback Compliance
December 31st - Maybe Not 2020, But This Vision’s In Focus


January 31st - RFPs: Reality, Unicorns, and Cognitive Bias

February 28th - Socialism Is Alive and Well Within Medical Groups

March 31st - The Third Way: An Alternative Business Structure For Hospital-Based Groups

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August 31st - How to Control the Context of Negotiation to Maximize your Outcome

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October 31st - More Than 50 of the Over 353 Questions Every High Performing Medical Group Leader Must Ask Him or Herself: A Self-Diagnostic

November 30th - CMS Boosts Independent Physician Practice and Physician-Owned Facilities: Cuts Payments to Hospital Outpatient Clinics By 40% and Increases Payments to ASCs by 2.1%

December 31st - False Claims And Faulty Brains: Letting The Fox Into The False Claims Act Henhouse


January 31st - Why Your Compliance May Be Worthless

February 28th - TeamHealth Coughs Up $60 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegation

March 31st - 43rd Conviction in Lab Scam Kickback Case: What You Need To Know

April 30th - What You Need to Know About The Bedless Hospital That You Can Build: The Massive Outpatient Central

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June 30th -The Medical Group Governance Matrix™

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August 31st - The Four Circles

September 29th - State Regulators Take Antitrust Aim at Aggressive Heath System Competition

October 31st - Medical Group and Healthcare Facility: Comfort Zone Or Continued Existence, Your Choice

November 30th - Compliance Risk as Side Effect of the Shift to Outpatient Care

December 31st - From Steelworkers to Surgeons: Gainsharing and Physician Groups


January 29th - Sam Walton's Failure Is A Lesson For Medical Groups

February 29th - Compounding The Kickback Problem

March 31st - Federal Government Sets Clock For Return of Medicare Overpayments: Be Late At Your Own Peril

April 29th - Payors Conducting War Against Out of Network Facilities

May 31st - Pills, Capsules, and Kickbacks: Drug Manufacturer Pays $125 Million. Execs Plead Out, Another to Be Tried

June 30th - Major Expansion Of False Claims Act

July 29th - iPhone or Pay Phone? HIPAA Business Associate Loses Cell Phone And Pays $650,000 to HHS

August 31st - WalMart and the Expansion of Hospital and Medical Group Liability

September 30th - What You Need To Know About Bedless Hospitals And Your Future

October 31st - Physicians, Pharmacists and Fraudsters Squeezed in Pain Cream Scam

November 30th - Obamacare And Post Election Certainty. Well, More or Less.

December 30th - Hospital Killing Provisions Of 21st Century Cures Act Boost Physician Entrepreneurship


•January 31st - Medical Group Acquisitions And Alternatives

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January 31st - Compound Drugs: Miracle Cure Or Kickback Lure? February 29th - Physician Practice Consolidator Gets Owned March 31st - Let’s Find the Cure for Surprise Physician Services Stealing April 30th - The Business of America Is Business. So What Are You Doing? May 31st - Hospital Equals U-Haul Truck In Back Filled With Corpses Was Not A Good Marketing Slogan June 30 - What Some Will Do for the Love of Barbecue - Opioids, Fires, Family and Fraud July 31 - What You Must Know About Opportunities, Euphemisms and Power: Group "Buys" Competitors for Nothing August 31 - The Medical Group Governance Matrix
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January 31 - Sam Walton's Failure Is A Lesson For Medical Groups February 28 - Free $10.6 Million Dollar Lesson on How Not to Fire Physicians March 31 - Felonious Forest Park Physicians Freighted Off To Federal Prison April 30 - A Negotiation Tip: What's His or Her Own Motivation? May 31 - Lessons from SCA Indictment: Due Dilligence Required. Not All Risk Can Be Forseen, but It's Yours.

June 30 - How to Avoid a Medical Group Three-Legged Leadership Race to the Bottom July 31 - Brace Yourself For Increased Prosecution of Telemedicine Fraud August 31 - Why You Must Know How Covenants Not To Compete Destroyed A Group's Exclusive Contracts September 30 - Reverse Engineering of AKS Safe Harbor Will Cost a Surgeon His Freedom October 31 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Why Some Deals Succeed November 30 - Anesthesiologists, ASCs, Referring Physicians, and Alleged Kickbacks Fuel $28 Million Settlement December 31 - Are You Prepared To Be Unreasonable? George, Franz and Scott Offer Suggestions.

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