Guarantees that set us apart from other law firms.


Although we cannot ethically guaranty results, we guarantee your satisfaction with our efforts.  If you are not completely satisfied, we will work with you to resolve any dissatisfaction. 


Although phone calls are, in general, scheduled, in an emergency, we strive to return all client phone calls within 90 minutes during normal business hours.  Of course, sometimes that’s not possible because of a meeting or other commitment, in which case, we return the call by the end of the business day. 


Unlike virtually every other law firm, we include operating costs in our professional fee structure. That means no charges to you for things like phone charges, copies, FedEx, etc.  The only costs passed to you (and only at our exact cost, no markup) are filing fees and similar types, fees paid to third-party providers and travel expenses; even then, airfare is billed only at coach fare. 

The Mark F. Weiss Law Firm, A Professional Corporation

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Meetings with Mark F. Weiss are by appointment only

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