We work with clients like you to increase your profit and to manage your risk of loss. We work on a strategic level and on the negotiation, and transformational improvement of, their business relationships.


We provide intensive, relationship-based counsel to physician entrepreneurs and their allies on a wide range of healthcare law issues. Our focus lies at the strategic level and negotiation, and transformational improvement of your business relationships.


Our clients tend to be large, physician-owned medical groups, extremely entrepreneurial physicians involved in a wide range of healthcare ventures, and physician-controlled outpatient facilities such as ASCs, imaging centers, and similar such ventures. 


Of course, there are many other types of clients and ventures, but they center around physicians and physician-friendly entrepreneurial activity. Our practice is based on the premise that the most effective representation takes into account, and is coordinated with, your overall strategic goals. This avoids one of the major complicating factors of the traditional approach to opportunities and challenges in which issues are confronted on a “piecemeal” basis, one at a time without coordination with your overall goals. That outmoded methodology is generally focused reactively on problems, not proactively on mitigation of dangers, exploitation of opportunities, and the multiplication of your strengths.


Traditional legal work does nothing to control the level of complexity -- to the contrary, it often increases it.

Explore some of the specific types of services we provide to clients like you.

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