Mark F. Weiss

Founding Attorney

Mark F. Weiss represents large physician groups, highly entrepreneurial physicians, and physicians and others in the development of surgery centers, imaging facilities and other healthcare ventures. The object is success. 

A frequent speaker and author Mark has penned many hundreds of articles and multiple books on issues affecting healthcare providers today.

Mark held a lengthy appointment as clinical assistant professor of anesthesiology at USC’s Keck School of Medicine at which he taught a course on the business and legal issues affecting physicians. He advises clients across the country on matters affecting professional practices and healthcare ventures both within and outside the United States.

See Mark's CV for detailed insight on his specific practice areas, published articles, books, presentations and more. 

As Director of Operations, Jessa wears a variety of hats and has her hand in just about everything. She is responsible for coordinating internal affairs, assisting in client matters and managing the execution of team assignments, and ensuring projects are completed on time, within scope, and budget.

Ms. Jessa Lamoureux

Director of  Operations