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Over the years, we’ve developed a sense of the mindsets that are common among healthcare leaders and those aspiring to become one, from solo physician entrepreneurs to large group CEOs. 

How do you score on those mindsets, both currently and where you’d like to go moving forward? 

Score yourself on The Healthcare Leader Mindset Scorecard to get a clear sense.  Be honest with yourself so that you’ll be best able to establish goals and make improvements.

Then return your scorecard to us and we’ll tell you how you compare against others who’ve completed the form.



Download your scorecard


Down the left-hand column, you'll see a list of 8 mindsets, starting with  "Ambition." 


Let's use the first mindset, "Ambition," as an example. Look across the columns to the right of "Ambition," and you'll see 4 boxes, each with a statement of the Ambition mindset, one of which is most true for you. Above each of those boxes are 3 numbers, each of which expresses the degree to which the statement is true for you. 

So, for example, if you believe that the statement concerning Ambition in the box furthest to the right is most accurate for you, you'd score yourself from 10 to 12. From your perspective today, you'd put the number (from 10 to 12) that matches the degree to which the statement is true for you right now, say "10," in the box under the column heading "Today's Score." 


Then, thinking ahead to where you’d like to see your score for Ambition in the future (think 1 to 3 years from now), enter that future score in the box under the column heading “Future Score.”

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