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We enable physician entrepreneurs and their allies to transform the business of healthcare and their futures.


We provide intensive, relationship-based counsel on a wide range of healthcare law issues.


Our focus lies at the strategic level, helping you drive transformational improvement of your business relationships.

Our clients tend to be large, physician-owned medical groups, extremely entrepreneurial physicians involved in a wide range of healthcare ventures, and physician-controlled outpatient facilities such as ASCs, imaging centers, and similar such ventures. 


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Financial Support to Anesthesia Groups

In a very real sense, this is a trip down “experience lane” (it’s like “memory lane”, only better) to my work on behalf of clients in the 1980s as well as in the 2000s...

Snoop Doc Takes The Rap For HIPAA Hop – Faces 5 Years in Pen For Illegally,,,

You’re signed in to the hospital’s electronic medical record system. What’s the harm in just typing in the name of a friend to see what pops up?

Supreme Court Declares Chevron Out of Gas – Better or Worse for You?

You’d think there’d be far and wide celebration over freedom from the yoke of administrative tyranny, but it turns out that more than a few don’t want...

Perhaps “Change Healthcare” Was Always A Cry For Help? The Two Real Lessons...

The financial impact was immediate and momentous: Neither new nor existing claims, nor payment for them, could be processed.

Hamburger or Health Care?  Why You Must Understand The Dilemma.

Many medical groups have come to expect that their businesses run like vending machines. Push the button and out comes collections.

Telehealth Plus Tell a Lie Means Likely End Up in Prison for Telefraud

Telehealth can be used to vastly improve patients’ access to medical care. At the same time, it can be used to vastly improve criminals’ access to Medicare dollars.

Compounding the Kickback Problem – Medical Group Minute

Compounding pharmaceuticals, specific drugs for specific patients, offers tremendous benefit...

Diamonds in the Rough – Doctors Vs. Substitutes

Ride along with Mark as he discusses why physicians have a lab-grown diamond problem.

“Loco Tenens” and Agency Pay $700K to Settle Alleged Telemedicine...

If what the government alleged were true, it would be an emergency physician’s dream job: billing for services without...

Free isn’t Free When It Costs Close to $10 Million in AKS Settlements

Ride along with Mark while he discusses a recent AKS statute settlement that proves that free isn’t always free.

In-Home Emergency Care Will Contribute to Putting Hospitals on Life-Support

What will be left after many more services are pulled out of the hospital?

Making The Bet Without Knowing The Odds – The Risk of “Large”

In your search to understand risk, don’t fall for the simple heuristic that bigger is better.

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