We enable physician entrepreneurs and their allies to transform the business of healthcare and their futures.


We provide intensive, relationship-based counsel on a wide range of healthcare law issues.


Our focus lies at the strategic level, helping you drive transformational improvement of your business relationships.

Our clients tend to be large, physician-owned medical groups, extremely entrepreneurial physicians involved in a wide range of healthcare ventures, and physician-controlled outpatient facilities such as ASCs, imaging centers, and similar such ventures. 


Business in the Time of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a short term economic crisis for many medical groups. 

Explore the way out.

Watch our coronavirus-specific mini-series featuring Mark's tips for navigating this developing situation in real time. Stay tuned for more thought-provoking guidance in future episodes.


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The coronavirus crisis caused a short term economic crisis for many medical groups. Our RedPaper shows you the way out. Plus, many of the concepts discussed are applicable during both good times and bad. 

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What? Merged Hospitals Don’t Deliver Higher Quality!

A study that shows that consolidation in the hospital industry doesn’t lead to higher patient satisfaction or to higher quality.

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What if you were running a restaurant instead of a medical group?

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What is the purpose of a partnership agreement? It is more than what you think...

Insurers Help Themselves By Helping You Help Patients...At Your ASC

Procedures that previously could be performed only in a hospital setting, whether inpatient or outpatient, can now be performed in an ASC.

Is Your Group Still Sharp? Strategy, Tactics and the Future of Your...

Strategic advantage is gained by being able to process information and take action faster than one’s opponent.

Are You Sure You’re Insured for a Cyber-Attack?

How prepared are you if your defenses are breached?

Has Another Hospital CEO Been Killed Off by the Flea?

Ride along with Mark as he discusses another example of a "coup" led by staff within yet another medical bureaucracy.

State Board and Hospital Recommend Against Better Care at Lower Cost...

Chalk up a victory for less care at higher prices. Hey, aren’t those two of the Anti-Triple Aim?

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