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We enable physician entrepreneurs and their allies to transform the business of healthcare and their futures.


We provide intensive, relationship-based counsel on a wide range of healthcare law issues.


Our focus lies at the strategic level, helping you drive transformational improvement of your business relationships.

Our clients tend to be large, physician-owned medical groups, extremely entrepreneurial physicians involved in a wide range of healthcare ventures, and physician-controlled outpatient facilities such as ASCs, imaging centers, and similar such ventures. 


What You Must Know About Hospital and Payor Contracting

Workshop: Negotiating Hospital Contracts

American Society of Anesthesiologists' ADVANCE  2024

January 26-28, 2024

Las Vegas, NV




Jury Convicts Chief Compliance Officer For $50 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme

We all know the expression “life imitating art”, but hardly anyone talks about “crimes imitating compliance”. That is, until today.

Collaboration as a Tool in Negotiation

I see a tremendous amount of tension, especially when it comes to the relationship between administration and hospital based groups.

The Cancer of Consensus

The expression lead, follow, or get out of the way has more than a kernel of truth to it.

JetBlue-ing up Your Practice

What is your back up plan in the event that your preventive action fails?

Why Free* Doesn’t Mean Free

I was driving when I saw the sign, one of those large plasticized canvas ones, tacked up on the side of a small office building: "FREE* First Chiropractic Visit"...

Cancer Doctor Turns Out to Be Carcinogenic

I represent physicians in transactions across the country and there are plenty of ways to make a profit and to do the right thing for patients.

Reduce the Emotional Burden on Contracting Facilities

Take a seat while Mark discusses the benefits of reducing the emotional toll of contracting with your medical group.

It’s National Kickback Day! (Sort of like Groundhogs’ Day, But More Expensive)

Sometimes, I think it's Groundhog's Day.

How You Can Avoid a Black Friday for Your Medical Group

Many medical groups with large numbers (large being relative) of employed or subcontracted physicians have put themselves in the same sort of bind...

All That Glitters Isn't Gold. Is Your Contract Merely Sparkly?

Not only is all that glitters not gold, shipping containers thought to contain nickel might just contain carbon steel.

You're Dead. Now What? Succession and Medical Group Leadership

Unfortunately, few groups engage in seriously addressing even the simpler issues of succession in medical group leadership.

Does Your Medical Group Need a CBSO?

Ask yourself this: How many people should actually report directly to your organization’s chief executive officer?

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