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A word from Mark F. Weiss

It’s not likely that you get up in the morning thinking about legal fees. But sometimes you have to, so it’s better to talk about them up front. 


Most law firms and, I’d guess from practicing law since 1979, nearly all lawyers, don’t like to talk about fees. Note that I didn’t say that they don’t like fees, it’s the “talking about them” part that they avoid.


In my personal dealings, I’ve been the client of many lawyers. None, zero, zilch, have ever had an open, up front discussion with me about fees. I hate it, so I know how you feel. 


So, let’s have a discussion about legal fees. Let’s talk how our firm will charge when you become our client, and what choices we may be able to offer you. And, importantly, how in many cases we’re willing, able, and eager to share risk with you when you become our client.


One More Point – No Hidden Charges That Look Like Expense Reimbursement


I haven’t seen a fax machine in a decade, yet some firms still charge $1 or more per page for them. Others charge for things like “copies” (of what?), for postage and even for FedEx. It’s enough to drive you crazy.


Unlike virtually every other law firm, we include our normal operating costs in our professional fee structure. That means no charges to you for things like phone charges, copies, FedEx fees, etc. The only costs that we pass through to you, and then only at our exact cost without markup of any kind, are filing fees and similar type fees, fees paid to third party providers, and travel expenses; even then, airfare is billed at the cost of coach fare regardless of the fact that we may choose to fly another class. (We’re first class lawyers, but you pay for coach!)

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